Oh to be counting on your live stream and have your internet crap out...

Ah woe is it to have internet that doesn’t perform. Bell promised us high speed service, oh yes they did. We pay for that service. Indeedio we do. The problem is that we don’t GET that service. Ah yes, this is the problem friends. They can promise it, we can pay for it, but we can’t actually have it.

The world that has musicians counting on live streaming for any kind of connection with their community should really have nice internet. That’s what I think. Unfortunately we just don’t here in River John, Nova Scotia. Maybe it’s not forever. Some have promised fiber optic in the future. Some others have promised some type of LTE tower that’s meant to be fabo. But how long you guys....how long??? ... the sad reality is that until that day, we have to suspend streaming. Insert crushed faces here *..*

Ok then. So this could be a whole bemoaning complaining post, but we must have something we can do in the meantime right? There must be a silver lining. I was thinking it might be fun to find a cool location we could do a streamed event for one thing. A cool location with internet of course. Yes indeed. No need to book the cool old falling down barn just yet. Probably has no internet there either. But maybe we can find someplace cool WITH internet. That might just be in the cards at some point.

We are working on some very neat songs in the meantimes. There will be an album project announcement coming, but I don’t have it quite yet to tell. But there are some very special songs that I can hardly wait to share. Playing these songs, it sweeps me away to an old time feel with a real life twist. I’m really loving them. We are working up demos for about 18 songs to consider how this project will unfold. I’ll keep ye posted.

Well the summer sure has been nice. Nothing like gorgeous summer weather to make a person feel a little better about not having adequate internet. I love you guys, I miss you. In the shortage of real live shows, the dying of internet for streamed shows, there will be a way.

Much love


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