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Burning House Waltz

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There is a house
Not too big not too small
It’s made out of wood
There is room for us all
There is food on the table
If you’re mindful to share
There’s enough of most everything
If you’re kind and you care

There are folks in the city
With houses much stronger
Made of plastic and steel
That would last that much longer
They had rooms upon rooms
More food than they could eat
And they worked day and night to buy
The best for their kids

It was kind of a two step
Round and round they would go
Their faces alight
In the red and orange glow
They dance unaware
They dance with no care
The Burning House waltz
Let’s go round once more

It started out small
But it burned through the night
I first saw the squirrels
Scamper by in their fright
We don’t know the cause
No one remembers the spark
But the heat it’s been building
And we never did learn

Burn oh it burned
A spectacle delight
It took out the houses
With a terrible might
Most everything gone
Just a few now remain
In their strong sturdy houses
And they play this refrain